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ATTENTION: The Esperanza Center on S. Broadway is temporarily closed due to a fire in a nearby building. We are providing services at St. Patrick’s Assisi House at 1728 Bank St. Please call 667-600-2900 for additional information.

ATENCIÓN: El Centro Esperanza en S. Broadway está temporalmente cerrado debido a un incendio en un edificio cercano. Estamos brindando servicios en St. Patrick’s Assisi House en 1728 Bank St. Llame al 667-600-2900 para obtener información adicional.

The Esperanza Center is a comprehensive immigrant resource center that offers hope and essential services to people who are new to the United States. Immigrants from all over the world have received important resources and compassionate guidance at the Esperanza Center since 1963. Our dedicated staff and volunteers provide services and referrals, ESL education, healthcare, and low-cost immigration legal services to thousands of immigrants each year.

Contact Client Services:

Esperanza’s Client Services program provides assistance and information to immigrants with a wide array of needs. No appointment needed. Our bilingual staff provides the following:

  • Translations (Spanish/English)
  • Letters: Income letters, support letters, child care authorization letters, travel consent letters, immigration invitation letters, limited foreign authorization letters, etc.
  • Assistance with forms
  • Notary Services
  • Support for immigrant victims of crime
  • Assistance with reporting crime, requesting police reports, and hospital financial assistance
  • Community Advocacy and Orientation
  • Assistance with school enrollment, applications for public benefits, assistance with housing and employment matters, utility service issues, etc.
  • Referrals: We assist immigrants with referrals to governmental or other non-profit service providers for legal, housing, educational, transportation, and financial issues.
  • Employment

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