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Behavioral Health

Catholic Charities provides a wide range of mental and behavioral health services for children and families including residential-, community- and school-based programs, resources and referrals. Our services include addiction counseling and treatment, including medication to assist with treatment. Telehealth is available when appropriate.

Catholic Charities is pleased to offer AWARE, an interactive, hands-on educational experience that helps to broaden people’s perspectives on those in need. AWARE exposes participants to realities that deepen their understanding and appreciation of the realities of life that affect our clients. 667-600-2005. LEARN MORE>>

The Baltimore City Child and Adolescent Response System (BCARS) provides comprehensive, brief and intensive community-based services for children in mental health or psychiatric crisis to divert or shorten in-patient hospitalization and to link clients to community providers that will serve them for ongoing care. 667-600-2880. Hotline 410-433-5175. LEARN MORE>>

Provides assessment and therapeutic services to children 0-5 (and their families) who are identified and referred by local day care centers as “at-risk” due to behavior problems. LEARN MORE>>

Family Navigator Services 667-600-3074 offers all-inclusive resource and referral program that has been offering support and compassion to families since 2007.

Families are integral and equal partners in the care and treatment of their children and we offer a variety of ways to support families. 667-600-3007. LEARN MORE>>>

The in-home intervention program provides intensive in-home intervention to empower families, divert children/youth from hospitalization or residential treatment placement and to maintain children in their homes and is available to residents of Baltimore City and Baltimore County. 667-600-2419. LEARN MORE>>

Provides behavioral consultation and mental health referral and treatment services to children and families participating in Head Start and Early Head Start in Baltimore City, Harford or Carroll County. LEARN MORE>>

Eligibility: Enrollment in participating Head Start or Early Head Start Program.
Baltimore City: 667-600-3210 | Baltimore County: 667-600-2339 | Harford County: 667-600-3220 | Carroll County: 667-600-2850

Mental Health Assessment Team (formerly known as MATCH [Making All The Children Healthy]) provides mental health assessments and recommendations for children entering the child welfare system in Baltimore City. 667-600-2400. LEARN MORE>>

A list of all Catholic Charities’ mental health services. LEARN MORE>>>

We offer Villa Maria Community Resources Home-Based Respite services. LEARN MORE>>

St. Vincent’s Villa offers residential treatment and diagnostic services for children between the ages of 5 and 14 with significant emotional and behavioral challenges in a state of the art facility. 667-600-3017. LEARN MORE>>

The home-based RTC program is designed to reduce lengths of stay in higher end care, expand community resource integration, preserve family connectedness and achieve more positive long-term outcomes for children and families. 667-600-3017. LEARN MORE>>

Through its Family Services Division, Catholic Charities offers support groups for families who have a member with mental/behavioral health challenges. Support group facilitators are family members themselves who have significant experience with our system of care. 667-600-3037. LEARN MORE>>

Our Therapeutic After-School Programs provide structured, therapeutic activities two afternoons per week at two different locations in Baltimore County. LEARN MORE>>

Villa Maria Schools provide educational and clinical services for children with significant emotional, behavioral and learning challenges. 677-600-3100. LEARN MORE>>

Villa Maria Behavior Health Clinics provide behavioral health services to children, adults and families across Maryland. These services include individual counseling, family counseling, psychiatric evaluation, addiction counseling and treatment, social and coping skill development, and medication management. LEARN MORE>>

Through planned time with a mental health professional, Catholic Charities Home Based Respite Program provides a temporary break for parent(s), guardian(s) or caregiver(s) from the demands associated in caring for children and adolescents who have documented mental health challenges. 667-600-2419. LEARN MORE>>

School Based Behavioral Health Programs provide mental health services in Baltimore City, Anne Arundel, Harford, Baltimore, Allegany, Carroll, Washington and Frederick Counties. LEARN MORE>>

The Safe Start Program is an assessment and intervention program for families with children ages two through eleven that provides behavioral management techniques, stress management, problem-solving, budgeting, communication and organization skills. 667-600-3219. LEARN MORE>>

Behavioral Health Services at a Glance

In FY 2018, 9,680 people, including children, received behavioral health care.
In FY 2018, 9,680 people, including children, received behavioral health care.
of adults and young adults showed improvement in their mental health after receiving care.
We assisted 55 children in the transition from a residential setting to a less restrictive environment.

Behavioral Health Services in the News, Stories & Testimonials

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On April 3rd, the Ed Block Courage Award recipients and special guests visited the Baltimore Ravens Courage House and St. Vincent’s Villa for the Ed Block Community Outreach event. The Residential Treatment Facility [...]

Shine a light: The call to care for a traumatized child

April 7th, 2022|

Volunteer Therapeutic Mentor Darlene Hampton felt called to become a mentor in our Therapeutic Mentoring program. Reflecting on the powerful influence of positive adult role models in her own life, Darlene explains that she knew [...]

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