A resident of Everall Gardens enjoys painting holiday decoration.

“Catholic Charities has been a Godsend to me. The apartment in which I was living prior to my moving to DePaul House was nice, but the rent got too high for me to exist. Living here has been a wonderful experience. The apartment is great, and the personnel are beyond belief. And best of all, I can afford living again without worry. God has been good to me, guiding me to Catholic Charities.” – Elizabeth Schoppert, DePaul House

“My mother had to make some living changes due to two falls, and we were pleased to find a place at DePaul House. The quality of the apartment is truly wonderful and because of my mothers very low income, the rent is very affordable – a huge blessing. Because of what Catholic Charities makes available, my mother is able to live independently with dignity and in safety.” – Judy Scheuing Daughter of Dorothy Scheuing, a DePaul House

“Just to know that we are in a caring environment that enables everyone to still be active and productive according to one’s capabilities and needs is more than reassuring. For us it is better than winning the lottery!” – Sam and Gerri Suter, St. Joachim House

“Recently I had a back problem that required a surgical procedure, the result being limited activity. Fortunately, I could manage to arrange for laundry and house cleaning services right here so I signed up for one month.” – Mary Hal, St. Joachim House

“I have lived at St. Joachim House for 13 years. They have been very happy years. I was 75 living in a house and knowing nothing about caring for it. Had I had to stay in my home – I could not have made it.” – Doris Kellner, St. Joachim House
“We have a very beautiful campus and lots of free activities. It is such a huge help when you are elderly and on a limited income.” – Mrs. Fuller, St. Joachim House

“Thank God, Catholic Charities and HUD’s partnership was able to bring to fruition the construction of my parent’s new home. They moved in during the spring of 2002 and happily, Reister’s Clearing had been my late dad’s “golden year” home until his passing. Also, happily, my 89 year-old mother still lives there and loves it. Moreover, words can not adequately, describe the professionalism, compassion and love exhibited, continually by the staff.” – Henry T. Bell, parents Frank and Anna Bell, Reisters Clearing

“It is a comfort to be here with others my age and to have access to the library, and many other events set up for us seniors such as Bingo and shopping trips and informative classes on a large range of senior related issues.” – Colleen Nunes, Reisters Clearing

“I have greatly enjoyed living here, and when I speculate what my life would be like without Catholic Charities housing, I can not begin to picture it. I know I will spend the rest of my life here, and it reduces feelings of anxiety for my future. I have made wonderful new friends here and the staff is so pleasant.” – Alice Macaluso, Reisters Clearing

“I find this place to be the best “home away from home” since I can’t really take care of a house anymore.” – Corrine McFal, Reisters View

“The facilities and staff are just what I need at this time in my life. I am 76 years old. I hate to think of the many men and women who must live out their days in sub-standard and unwholesome locations.” – Majorie Pearce, Reisters Clearing

“In the summer of 2006, I had to use the services provided by Congregate Housing due to a fall that spring. Congregate Housing provides short and long term support services and I used it for cleaning and laundry and may need it soon again.” – Ann Mary Evans, Arundel Woods

“First of all, let me say BRAVO for this beautiful building. It has been one year now and everyday I am thankful. My daughter told me to sign up so I could be close to my new grandson, who I wanted to see all the time but could not because I lived 45 minutes away and I was still working.” – Ann Akers, Abingdon

“I thank God every day for Catholic Charities and the apartment I’m living in. It is a blessing and the personnel take great care of the building. I made some poor choices in finances in my younger days and if it wasn’t for places like this I don’t know where I would be.” – Joe Howlett, Abingdon

“My sister is 77 and was living alone in Delaware – 3 ½ hours from my house. I could only visit her 2 or 3 times a year so when I saw the Abingdon building under construction, I told my sister. I can’t begin to tell you what a difference her apartment here has made in her life. I believe Catholic Charities is making such a huge difference in people’s lives – providing excellent affordable living for our older family members who want to remain independent. Thank you a million times over for helping me save my sister’s life.” – Al Wieber, sister is a resident at Abingdon

“I am truly grateful in my older years to not have to worry about where I would have to live. My rent is reasonable and I’m able to manage. We have a beautiful facility and I’m grateful to be part of it. Thank you for allowing me to have some wonderful senior years. Catholic Charities is very special to me.” –  Robert Palmer, Abingdon

“To have such a nice, well kept, safe apartment that I can afford on the small amount of pension I get each month means so much. Everyone working here is so nice and helpful. They don’t even wait to be asked for help, they just do it.” – Peggy Johnson, Aberdeen

“Since we’ve been here we’ve been very active helping others and enjoying the picnics, games and just talking to residents.” – Mr. and Mrs. Edward Matty, Aberdeen

“The entire staff is helpful and pleasant making it a happy environment to live in. Thank God for Catholic Charities and the wonderful place to live that I can afford. There are so many seniors who need affordable housing. We need a safe place where someone cares about our comfort and happiness in our golden years.” – Mildred Douglas, Aberdeen

“I think Catholic Charities is right on the mark helping people that are alone or living in bad situations. Affordable housing was not available for me until I found Catholic Charities. I am very proud that I can take care of my medical needs, my rent, have a car and enough spending money to keep me happy.” – Ann Bevard, Aberdeen

“For the past 33 years, I have resided in apartments in Baltimore City and Baltimore County. A majority of that time has been in senior residences. Living in this Catholic Charities residence has surpassed all my previous experiences.” – Beverly Reid, Everall Gardens

“Without Everall Gardens I would have been homeless.” – Robert Schaltz, Everall Gardens
“This apartment is wonderful and has given me many hours of comfort and enjoyment, including the surrounding area.” – Dorothy Ayd, Trinity House

“I had brain surgery and lived with my daughter for 4 years but I wanted to be independent and live on my own again. Living at Trinity House has helped me to do this.” – Clara Forbs, Trinity House

“My Mother is living in an apartment where she can get help quickly – where people care and go the extra effort for her and for the family is invaluable. I know that she is safe there and that is priceless to me….She is still a very independent person and prides herself on being able to take care of herself. She likes having her own apartment and being able to cook her own meals. But it gives us peace of mind knowing that meals are there if she needs them and help is down the hallway when she needs it.” – Christine Riegel, daughter of Lillian Ciborowski, St Luke’s resident

“We need many more of these facilities due to the current economic distress when food, fuel, medical care, energy and medicines are on the rise. My mom decided to move into a rent-assisted facility because she could no longer manage the steps, the physical and financial upkeep of her property was overwhelming and for security purposes.” – Maryann Battaglia

“The staff is superb treating all of us with respect and love! We have all conveniences needed and all the fun we can handle.” – Angie Rounis, Woodlawn

“My search for affordable senior housing led me to Catholic Charities apartments as a good choice in both long-term affordability and a suitable suburban location. Aside from a well-designed building and grounds, one of the outstanding features is the quality of the staff here at Woodlawn and their obvious care and concern for both the building and us.” – Laverne Ball, Woodlawn

“I hope that Catholic Charities Senior Housing will continue to build units like this, for they know what is necessary for seniors to live happy, healthy and content lives.” – Rosalie Thomas, Woodlawn

“I’ve lived at Basilica Place for 3 years. It has made a difference in my life because of the health care, market, hospitals are near, also light rail bus and subway are near.” – Mae Whitfield, Basilica Place