After working as a delegating nurse for 13 years at an area hospital, Bobbi Tayman assessed that she was most gratified when she interacted with geriatric patients. When a job as a delegating registered nurse opened at Caritas House Assisted Living, she applied and was hired.

With five months on the job, Bobbi feels that providing the state-required 45-day review of elders who live at Caritas is a good match for her skills and interests. “I try to get out of my office as often as possible to interact with the elders as they go about their regular routine,” she says. This can mean sitting in on therapy sessions, attending social activities or sharing mealtime.

Her duties require regular review of all elders’ charts and prescribed medications. She’s also on call for medical emergencies, but finds that this requirement is easily met by living only five minutes away from the campus.

“At Caritas House, it’s really a home setting where I get to know the elders and they learn that they can trust me,” she says. “Sometimes this means that elders just come in my office to talk.”