When Jeff entered the Our Daily Bread Employment Center looking for a change, he was unshaven, in soiled clothing and was living in dire survival mode. Years of alcohol abuse had left him homeless, friendless and without support of his family. Read about how Jeff has turned his life around.

Jeff explained that, “The one person who will always love me (his mother), wouldn’t even let me in the house.” He had abused the love of his family and friends and they could no longer trust his behavior as his addiction had a strong hold on him.

The day Jeff entered the Christopher Place Employment Academy, he was greeted with structure and guidance. Over the next six months, he soared. Not only did he find the skills to begin life again but he also found his faith. Christopher Place provided workshops and counseling and Jeff’s faith in God helped him to stay sober, focused and driven. He became one of the most successful men in his class and a leader in the Academy. He helped his peers with academic challenges and acted as a model for other men in the Academy.

After five months of workshops and community service, Jeff is now employed. He is one of the first in his class to gain employment and has received one of the highest starting salaries of all the current and past graduates. Jeff is off to a great start in his new life. He once again has the support of his family and he has bonded with a couple of his classmates, whom he now calls his best friends. The greatest success is Jeff’s new-found faith. It is something he can take whereever he goes and it will always be there for him to lean on and to guide him.