Many of the volunteers at My Sister’s Place Women’s Center (MSPWC) come individually, but there are often whole groups who come together. Some are group of friends, some community service groups, some church groups, and some are professional groups providing community service.

One such group who visited this summer came from the Maryland State Bar Association (MSBA) Leadership Academy. The purpose of the Academy is to expose newer attorneys to the inner workings of the MBSA, and bring a diverse perspective to the Association. Each year’s class of fellows is asked to do a large-scale service project. This year’s fellows, admitted in June, are working together and getting to know one another at their project at MSPWC. The plan for the day of service is to create a level playing field completely divested of personal interests and geared towards making the day all about meeting the needs of others.


Tiffany Haverhill, one of the Leadership Academy organizers, says, “My Sister’s Place completely met and exceeded our expectations for the day. We had the pleasure to work in the kitchen with Ms. Jerrie [MSPWC cook]. What an amazing story. What an amazing woman. We were met with her bright smile and immediately put to work. Some of the fellows worked to clean, organize and sort the freezer, pantry and refrigerator. Others washed dishes and helped prepare dinner for the next day.

“Once the smaller tasks were completed, all of the Fellows and Ms. Jerrie set out to snap the biggest bag of green beans that I have ever seen. Ms. Jerrie shared her story and the Fellows had a chance to better understand My Sister’s Place and the work that you do. The fellows also got the chance to talk and interact with one another on a personal level while snapping beans.

“At the end of the afternoon the beans were snapped, the fellows bonded and we made a new friend in Ms. Jerrie.”

Thank you, MSBA Leadership Academy members for volunteering! We’re glad you had fun, too.