Maura Donnelly had been a volunteer at Anna’s House for most of her high school career, so when it was time to complete her senior service project requirement for graduation, Maura instantly knew she wanted to continue working with Anna’s House.

Maura was a regular volunteer in the Children’s Center at Anna’s House, a fun place where the children of Anna’s House can spend time while their mothers attend workshops and meet with caseworkers. The center offers the Anna’s House mothers peace of mind, knowing that their children are being looked after by volunteers like Maura, while they attend necessary workshops and meetings.

Over the years, Maura noticed that the children’s space had lost some its luster and was overdue for a renovation. A complete renovation would be an ambitious goal, but luckily Maura was able to collaborate with other Anna’s House volunteers to complete her vision for re-designing the space.

Partnering with a friend from her school, Maura organized a cakewalk to raise money needed for project materials. Anna’s House volunteer, Christine Colombo, a consultant with L. Fishman & Son Flooring, offered a donation of carpet tiles and paint, and even organized for her women’s group to cover the cost of the carpet instillation. Girl Scouts from Troop 2130 also volunteered to help Maura with the labor.

Paint, flooring, decorating, and organization in the main Child Center room was Maura’s responsibility, while the Girl Scouts concentrated on the Children’s Center hallway and spaces nearby.  Working together Maura and four Girls Scouts organized a complete remodel over the course of several weekends, all while the space continued to be used by the children two nights a week.

Bookcases and furniture got a fresh coat of paint, new flooring was installed, walls complete with murals and inspirational thoughts were painted, and princess reading nooks were created. The space has been completely transformed into a bright, fresh and enchanting place where children can now create their own art, read stories and play.

Maura received a third place scholarship from her school for her work at Anna’s House. Girl Scouts, Melanie Cooke, Lauren Cook, Kelsey Lebuhn and Brittney Horseman earned their Silver Awards for the project.

KAY AND MEAGAN: The Anna’s House Memorial Garden Blooms with Memories of Kay and Meagan Glancy

















The memorial garden at Anna’s House, donated in memory of Kay and Meagan Glancy

Molly Todd and Kelly Adams (friends of the Glancy family) spent 2 years coordinating and planning the Anna’s House Memorial Garden.

Kay Glancy and her daughter, Meagan, were both volunteers at Anna’s House. After Meagan’s unexpected death in June of 2010, Kay thought Anna’s House would be the perfect location for a ‘gift’ to be enjoyed by the residents at Anna’s House, and a memorial for Meagan.  Unfortunately, Kay passed away unexpectedly in January of 2011 and was unable to see the memorial garden realized, but in the Spring of 2013, her family and friends completed and dedicated it in memory of Kay and Meagan.

“See, I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared.” – Exodus 23:20