By: Sarah David, The Daily Record

This is an incredibly challenging time for our country and the world. As young professionals, we likely find ourselves especially challenged as we try to complete a day of work from home with young children demanding our attention, and as we find spouses and significant others as our new “coworkers.”

While many of us in the legal field, unlike those in other industries, are lucky to be able to work from home, it is natural to find the experience challenging and demoralizing as billing and deadline requirements, once easily met, become untenable. It is important that we validate the frustrations we are experiencing while simultaneously thinking about those who are experiencing a very different struggle, sometimes in our own office, but always in our greater community. This is another example of where a grand, sweeping cure-all gesture is unlikely, but there are so many small things you can do as a young professional in this environment to help those who are struggling in ways different than you are. Read more>>