The men who enroll in the Christopher Place Employment Academy have lived for years with trauma, homelessness, poverty and substance misuse. Through the Academy, which is located at Our Daily Bread Employment Center, men regain self-esteem and through classes, work-study, internships, counseling and job placement that gain stability.

The program operates over an 18 month period and is divided into five phases:

1st phase – Assessment & Preparation (AP)
The men are assessed and evaluated to determine readiness for change and whether they are a viable candidate for the academy.
2nd phase – Academy: three months 
Once accepted, the men are engaged in workshops to build their spirit, mind and body. They also focus on addressing any past issues that may hinder employment. 
3rd phase – Job Ready: 30-45 Days
Through the assistance of Client Services, the participants search for work and obain employment. 
4th phase – Working Man: 12 Months
The men live at Christopher Place during their first year of employment. This support allows them to remain focused on saving their income, maintaining good health and preparing for life after the Academy. They also focus on child support obligations and repaying debt.
5th Phase – Alumni
After transitioning to community housing, working for one year and maintaining sobriety, Christopher Place residents graduate to alumni status.