Catholic Charities’ Esperanza Center Stands Ready to Assist Salvadorans Impacted by the Announcement to End Temporary Protected Status

Thousands of Salvadorans in Maryland Cry for Help

“The Administration’s announcement to end Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Salvadorans, including almost 20,000 of our neighbors here in Maryland, will have a devastating impact on all of our communities,” said Bill McCarthy, Executive Director of Catholic Charities of Baltimore. “Many of these individuals have lived in the state of Maryland for 15 years or more. They’ve raised their children here, contributed to our economy, and they’re firmly rooted in the U.S. and local faith communities.”

“We stand ready to assist and support those Salvadorans in need through our Esperanza Center. Beginning this weekend, on Sunday, January 14th, we will offer TPS Information Sessions so that all who are impacted can gain a better understanding of their rights.”

“We advise that all who may be impacted consult with the attorneys from our Esperanza Center’s Immigration Legal Services to renew their TPS if possible, and to see if any other relief is available.”

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