Esperanza Center clients Juan and Emmeline are thankful for their English teacher, Lois (center).

My name is Juan Davila. I’m from Mexico. I was born and grew up in my country. My last educational degree was Educacion Secundaria, it’s called like this in my country. 

When I was fifteen years old, I had gone to school for nine years. I wanted to continue studying to get a high school degree but I couldn’t because I didn’t have money. I was working and living in Mexico City and then I made the decision to come to the USA. 

The main reason is to study to learn good English and get a GED in English Language. To have a chance to work like a waiter or receptionist in a hotel or restaurant. I don’t know if to do this kind of job I need a GED, but I want to do it for a while and then go back to Mexico to work in any city of my country as a receptionist or waiter. I want to get experience during my stay in the USA. 

Thanks to all organizations for helping the people from other countries who need this help, because without your support we couldn’t learn English. So thanks a lot to Esperanza Center for offering us help.