Going through a divorce can trigger financial, physical, and emotional traumas. Sometimes, it can also result in homelessness. Being without a home – even for a brief period – can be disheartening, especially when your family is in the process of breaking up.

“I never thought I would be on the street,” said Cindi Eveler, who found herself living on the street in a tent for a year and a half. “It all just happened so fast: the divorce, losing my job, then my home. I was able to live with a friend for a while, but that also ended.”

Eveler used social services resources in Anne Arundel County and came to Sarah’s House, a Catholic Charities supportive housing program offering emergency shelter, project-based supportive housing and an array of other services.

“Cindi was actively engaged in the process of getting herself re-established into the community,” said Sarah’s House Program Director Kelly Anderson. “She had moments of doubt and uncertainty in the beginning because she couldn’t believe this was really happening, that she was getting her own home again.”

Anderson reassured Eveler it was very real, even accompanying her to look at potential homes.

“My goals are to go slow, take small steps, get a job and establish myself again,” said Eveler.  “I just have to make it happen. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in this situation of building from scratch, but I can and will make this happen.”

Eveler received her housing voucher with the help of case managers with Anne Arundel County and Sarah’s House. She moved into her home on July 1.

“I’m definitely on a journey, but I’m grateful for the chapter I am in now,” said Eveler.