With the COVID-19 crisis still underway, Catholic Charities’ 2021 fiscal-year budget faces a significant challenge in a newly proposed state budget.

The budget cut proposal, just introduced, would leave funding for Medicaid provider rates flat as opposed to the 4-percent increase approved by the legislature during the 2020 General Assembly. 

In January, the budget proposal would have cut the planned 4-percent increase to 2 percent. The change would have hurt a wide spectrum of Catholic Charities programs, including those related to behavioral health, supports for adults with disabilities, and seniors. Catholic Charities receives 55 percent of its operating budget through Medicaid. 

The legislature provided for the full 4-percent increase to the provider rate.

The new proposal cuts it to zero, leaving a $2 million gap in Catholic Charities’ budget. The state’s proposed cuts include cuts to nursing home Medicaid rates. This singular part of the proposal combines with many other proposed cuts that will also affect the organization and the individuals it serves.

On July 1, the Board of Public Works will vote on the full proposal. The board is allowed to cut the state budget by up to 25 percent. 

Interested in advocating for the 4-percent rate increase so our services can be sustainable?

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