Sometimes life comes at you fast and things can quickly spiral out of control. That’s how Jan Little describes the latest chapter in her life. As the country rang in the New Year, Jan found herself without a job, home, or car.

“I knew I could turn to Sarah’s House for help to get my life back on track,” said Little. “They will always assist you if you allow them. They don’t judge your situation. They just want to see you succeed.”

Jan is speaking from first-hand experience. After working with a company for 10 years, a change in management left her in a financial crunch in 2020. She tried juggling bill payments, which she describes as “robbing Peter to pay Paul,” but eventually found herself in uncontrollable debt and not able to pay rent. Spending time in various shelters, she finally landed at Sarah’s House in January, where she says she is making the most of the services offered.

“The most important and beneficial part for me is the financial structure,” Jan said. “I’m not the best with money but I know how to stretch my dollar for things that I need. The staff here are really good at helping me see what is needed and the best way to allot my funds. This team really gives you a better understanding of saving.”

Open to growth

Now that Jan is working part-time, she is eligible to transition into Project North. Project North is a 12-month long housing voucher program, where residents pay 30 percent of their salary towards rent to begin their eventual transition into the community with help from the housing commission.

“Jan is a perfect candidate for Project North,” said Christina Haas, one of the case managers at Sarah’s House. “She’s an active participant in learning and growing new ways to survive and sustain her independence. Many people are focused on their way of thinking, but Ms. Jan has been very open to her growth.”

Jan’s caseworker is not alone in singing her praise.

“She is probably one of the most proactive people I know,” said Sarah’s House Program Director Kelly Anderson. “She uses the transportation system we have in place, she is clear with her needs and extremely focused on being successful. In short, Jan is open to growth and open to seeing things differently.”

Sarah’s House welcomes men, women, and children experiencing homelessness in Anne Arundel County.

“No matter your situation you have to find the light, and Sarah’s House is definitely a light,” said Little.