Thank you for joining the Mission to Move!

This is a great way to get your steps in while supporting your community and neighbors in need – all while keeping public health, and your own, as a top priority!

We hope you will enjoy listening to several conversations during this Mission to Move event. They feature our experts on trauma, behavioral and mental health, homelessness and poverty relief and prevention, senior care, and workforce development. Choose one topic you like, or skip around – you can discover new conversations every day!


Podcasts by topic

Podcasts by date published

  • Homelessness and Poverty: Victor Primera and Erin Moyer discuss “Breaking the cycle of struggle: From addiction to incarceration and back”
  • Senior Care: Tim Scherer discusses “What you need to know before a loved one moves into senior care”
  • Trauma: Joanna Miller discusses “Understanding Trauma”
  • Workplace Development: Nicole Williams discusses “Barriers to employment”
  • Behavioral Health: Dr. Enrique Oviedo discusses “Medication-assisted treatment for substance use disorder – why is it controversial?”
  • Homelessness and Poverty: Kevin Mason discusses “The impact of poverty on the community”
  • Trauma: Carl Fornoff discusses “How shared trauma affects communities”
  • Workplace Development: Kevin Creamer discusses “Why is workforce development more important than ever”


  • Homelessness and Poverty: Eileen Meagher discusses “The keys to housing for individuals experiencing homelessness”
  • Trauma: Suzie Templeton discusses “Processing trauma”
  • Workplace Development: Brian Trees discusses “Workforce Development issues for those living with intellectual and developmental disabilities”


  • Behavioral Health: Dr. Liwei Hua on “The 2020 talk – how to discuss drugs with your kids”
  • Trauma: Joanna Miller discusses “When ACES are wild”
  • Workplace Development: Nicole Williams discusses “Incarceration and return to employment”
  • Senior Care: Assisted Rehab President Rich Rigali about “What’s your plan for living long and well”


  • Homelessness and Poverty: Kelly Anderson discusses “What should I do? The best ways to help someone experiencing homelessness”
  • Trauma: Ron Means discusses “Trauma of racism”
  • Workplace Development: Roundtable discussion on “Youth-specific needs and barriers to employment”