Vehicle Donations

Donating your used car, truck, boat or motorcycle is a great way to help fuel the mission of Catholic Charities. Plus, it’s fast and easy to do, and you may qualify for a tax deduction.

Simply use our online donation form or call 667-600-2023.

We will arrange free pick up and towing.

Need help? Email us at or call 667-600-2023.

Two children sit together in a car. Donate to Catholic Charities.

Additional Facts about Vehicle Donations

We accept almost all vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, recreational vehicles and boats with trailers. Your vehicle does not need to be in running condition. However, we may choose to not accept vehicles which we feel will not cover towing and administrative expenses. You must have access to the Maryland Certificate of Title and no liens can be held against your vehicle. Our auto auction partners at Bel Air Auto/BSC America will pick up and tow your vehicle from most locations in Maryland at no cost to you.

Please make sure that you have removed all personal items from the vehicle. You will also be responsible for removing the license plates from the vehicle and returning them to the MVA. Return the tags to MVA on/or before the date you cancel your insurance to avoid a potential Uninsured Motorist penalty. At the time of pickup, the driver will collect the keys for the vehicle as well as the title. You must sign the back of the Title on the “Signature of Seller” line and list Catholic Charities as the buyer. If you are not present when the vehicle is picked up, please leave the doors unlocked with the keys and title in the glove compartment.

Our auto auction partners at Bel Air Auto/BSC America work hard to sell your vehicle at the highest rate of return with minimal towing and administrative fees.

Yes. Catholic Charities is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions, including vehicle donations, may be claimed as deductions on your federal tax return.

Once your vehicle is sold at auction, you will receive a written acknowledgment which will include the sale price. Catholic Charities cannot guarantee a selling price for your vehicle and it may take up to 30 days to sell your vehicle at auction.

You can learn more by reviewing IRS Publication 561, a donor’s guide to vehicle donations or by consulting with your tax advisor.

Within 30 days of the sale of your vehicle, Catholic Charities will send you a written acknowledgment/receipt.

If the amount of the sale is over $500, a 1098C will also need to be completed by Catholic Charities and sent to the IRS.  In that case, we will call you to ask for your social security number to complete this form. The original 1098C will be sent to IRS and two copies will be forwarded to you along with your letter for your tax purposes.

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