For the 2010 Dragon Boat Races, Team Bank of America was partnered with Christopher Place Employment Academy. What started as just a partner assignment, however, culminated in a rewarding relationship, a relationship that continues to grow. Team Bank of America and the men from Christopher Place (CP) got to know each other well during the eight weeks of training. The CP men came to the docks every week to cheer for their team, and the folks from Bank of America appreciated their encouragement and smiles, and found it to be very motivating.

In fact, the CP men even wrote the Bank of America Team Chant, entitled “This Is How We Do It.” Of course, the men were there on race day, and repeated the chant throughout the competition with tremendous energy and a lot of talent. In fact, “This Is How We Do It” won the chant contest!

Team Bank of America was both motivated and touched by the positive, never-give-up attitude of the CP men, which they see as the heart of Christopher Place’s success. Penny, one of the rowers from Bank of America, said afterward that while there are so many things about that summer and the race day that she will never forget, one thing, in particular, stood out in her memory.  She told about winning the first heat handily, and then facing a second heat that was far more challenging. As the team lined up to start their third heat, the CP men gathered around the team once again, but this time delivered a different chant to encourage the team on: “Can’t stop, won’t stop!  Can’t stop, won’t stop!  Can’t stop, won’t stop!” The men kept chanting, and their enthusiasm was infectious.

Inspired by the experience from 2010, Team Bank of America requested the same partnership with Christopher Place for the 2012 Dragon Boats. Added Penny: “Thank you Catholic Charities for the introduction to Christopher Place and all the GREAT things they are doing to ensure the men receive an opportunity.”