Catholic Charities of Baltimore’s History

The work of Catholic Charities in the United States was begun here by Archbishop John Carroll when he declared in 1792 that a portion of all parish revenues be set aside “for the relief of the poor.”

In 1923, the agency was incorporated by organizing the 12 previously separate Catholic services throughout the Archdiocese under a common mission. This initiative increased efficiency, consolidated efforts among services, and fostered innovation in meeting the needs of those in our community – characteristics which remain the hallmark of Catholic Charities.

Today, Catholic Charities is the leading provider of human services in Maryland, consisting of 80 programs which strive to improve the lives of individuals and families suffering the impact of poverty, children and their families in crisis, the frail, elderly in need of housing and care and those with developmental disabilities. Our innovative and effective programs address an array of needs, which have increased in both scope and complexity over the last several years due to the recession. Last year alone, we answered 600,000 requests for emergency assistance, serving people of all faiths, races and ethnicities with dignity.

Catholic Charities’ employees and volunteers strive every day to ensure dignity and encourage hope for thousands of people in Baltimore City and nine counties of Central and Western Maryland. Catholic Charities is seeking the support of the United Way to help the most vulnerable among us to regain their dignity, their independence, and their hope.

Catholic Charities has 80 programs throughout the archdiocese that touch the lives of 160,000 people and their families—children, seniors, people suffering from poverty and those living with developmental disabilities. We cherish the Divine within everyone who comes to us for assistance.

Our Goals

We empower individuals to overcome poverty by providing, not only basic food and shelter needed to sustain life, but the education, employment training, placement and retention services that are essential to overcome once seemingly insurmountable barriers to employment. Our Daily Bread Employment Center, Sarah’s House and Anna’s House are just three of many Catholic Charities programs that are giving those in need not only the necessities of life, but the tools to attain self-sufficiency.

Catholic Charities cares for children and their families by helping them achieve mentally and behaviorally healthy relationships and securing special education. Our Head Start programs and St. Vincent’s Villa exemplify how addressing the needs of the family elevates a child’s potential.

Catholic Charities has 24 senior communities providing low-income seniors with safe, affordable housing and a range of supportive services that allow each individual to live to their fullest potential and age in place with dignity.

Catholic Charities Gallagher Services opens door to a fuller life for people living with developmental disabilities. Our residential centers provide independent and group living assistance, including 24-hour supervised care, assisted living and specialized care for the frail and the elderly.

Our Leaders

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